31 Mar

Preparing for the Summer

I live in a sub-tropical region (where weather conditions resemble the climate of USDA Zone 10b) and maintain a roof-top succulent garden. The best part of growing my succulents on roof-top is maximum air flow almost throughout the year and good sunny conditions in winter. However, summer is harsh and I need to protect the plants from scorching sun as the temperature during the months of May, June and July soars to soar to 40–48 °C (104–118 °F).

Preparing for the summer, I spent this weekend setting up shelter for my plants.

roof top garden

my succulent garden

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Summer

  1. Lovely. I have, myself, become recently addicted to succulents! They have performed a great deal of surgery on my wallet. Lovely setup! So jealous!

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