The Lovely Plants

Quick Tip # 3: Controlling Ants and Scale Insect

Scale appears as hard ovals of brown color on woody stems or underside of leaves and damage plants by sucking essential sap. Scale is hard to combat when it reaches it maturity. Hence it is important to get rid of it at early stage. Scale on small plants can be removed by brushing with an old tooth brush. Large plants can be sprayed with methylated spirit (50% diluted with water). Spray every ten days until scale is completely removed.

Ants are majorly responsible for the growth of scales. Therefore, it is important to combat ants as well. An easy way of dealing ants is introducing small saucers (like jam jar tops) filled with 1 tablespoon of borax with 4 tablespoons of sugar diluted in 250 ml of warm water . This solution would attract ants that would consume the liquid and then go back to die in their nests.