28 Feb

Resources for Air Plants Enthusiasts

Sequel to my last post about air plants and tips for their cultivation indoor and outdoor, here are a few resource for air plants enthusiasts.

Where to buy air plants

  • Just AirPlants – A family run nursery specialising in Tillandsia (Airplants) and other Bromeliads.
  • Tillandsia International – One of the largest grower of air plants in North America.
  • Russells Air Plants – Grower and exporter of air plants in Florida.
  • Rainforest Flora – One of the oldest air plants nurseries in North America. Rainforest Flora grows Tillandsia for wholesale and retail customer. Matti has covered Tillandsia collection of Rainforest Flora here.

Learning Resources

One thought on “Resources for Air Plants Enthusiasts

  1. I was wondering if there is way to acquire these air plants if you live thousand of miles away from North America? This would surely be a great addition in my garden.

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