29 Jul

Striking, Fragrant Flowers of Monarda Didyam: Bee Balm

Monarda Didyam or Bee Balm is an excellent perennial for gardens for its aromatic leaves and fragrant flowers. These sun loving plants form large clusters and bloom prolifically in summer and autumn. Flowers are rich in nectar and attract lots of butterflies, bees and birds. Flowers of Bee Balm are scarlet-red and serve well as cut flowers in both fresh and dry arrangements. are Leaves are usually crushed to obtain a highly fragrant oil. Bee Balm is also a good companion plant in vegetable and fruit gardens for its ability to attract pollinating bees.

Fragrant Flowers of MonardaDidyam, Bee Balm

Bee Balm Flower, Image by Stephanie Wallace

How to Grow Monarda Didyam/ Bee Balm

Native to North America, Monarda is a small genus of perennial and annual plants. These fast growing plants propagate easily from seeds or divisions.  Bee Balm prefers full to partial sun. Plants grown in full shade produce dense foliage but less flowers. Almost all species of Monarda grow well in moist but well-drained soil.

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