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04 Jan

Gardeners: 30 Things to Do in 2014

Friends! What are your gardening resolutions for 2014? Why not try something that you have never done before? Here is a list of 30 things that I would suggest. If you have anything to add to this list, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below this post.

  1.  Build a miniature garden
  2. Start a gardening blog; share your knowledge
  3. Try a terrarium at home
  4. Grow a bonsai
  5. Invest in quality gardening tools
  6. Add new gardening books to your library
  7. Start/ participate in community garden
  8. Volunteer for a gardening project
  9. Prepare your own compost
  10. Go organic; ditch chemicals
  11. Participate in a seed/plant exchange program
  12. Donate plants to local gardens and schools
  13. Grow your own food (start a kitchen garden)
  14. Support a cause (lobby against GMO, promote organic food, save nature…)
  15. Visit your favorite garden
  16. Learn new gardening techniques
  17. Try growing plants that you have never grown before
  18. Participate in a plant show/ exhibit
  19. Give gift of plants on your friend’s birthday
  20. Pick up your camera and photograph plants/ flowers; share pictures online
  21. Try developing an espalier
  22. Replace your old lawn mower with a better one
  23. Grow fruit trees in your garden
  24. Reorganize your garden; make room for new plants
  25. Make potpourri from your own garden
  26. Host a meet up of local gardeners; share ideas
  27. Pool money with other gardeners to import new varieties
  28. Join a gardening club
  29. Collect, preserve and donate seeds
  30. Join a seed bank or start your own seed bank