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31 Jan

Ornamental & Tropical Flowering Tree: African Tulip

Spathodea Campanulata, The African Tulip Tree

African Tulip Tree, Image by Ahmad Fuad Morad

These lovely flowers grow on Spathodea Campanulata which is an ornamental, evergreen tree from tropical climates of Africa. Commonly described as African Tulip tree or sometimes Flame Tree, Spathodea Campanulata makes an excellent ornamental tree for gardens and landscapes.

African Tulip is a fast growing tree that grows up to 80 feet in its natural habitat. However, in cultivation it does not grow beyond 60-65 feet. The rich scarlet flowers are very showy and appear in summer. Flowers are bell-shaped and are followed by formation of seed pods that burst to spread the seeds by wind.

African Tulip tree requires rich and moist soil where it can establish its deep roots. The plant prefers bright sunlight and protection from frost and drought. Since, it grows quite quickly, Spathodea Campanulata is an excellent choice for landscape or mass plantation projects. The tree is good for its showy flowers as well as for its shady canopy which makes it a nice shade plant in in tropical summer climates.

The tree can be propagated from seeds as well as cuttings.