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25 May

Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification

Indoor plants have multiple roles to play. They purify the air, add color to a dull office, and get you in the mood for work. Back in the 1980’s, decorating offices with houseplants became a trend across North America and Europe. Its goal? To improve the air quality in a room full of people with cost-saving benefits in mind.

Indoor plants are natural air purifiers that can help alleviate the symptoms of migraine, asthma, brain fog, and hay fever caused by an allergic reaction to certain pollutants. To help you get started, read some of the best indoor plants for air purification below:

4 Best Natural Air Cleaners

1. English Ivy

Don’t let its invasiveness fool you, because when installed indoors, English Ivy plants can actually remove traces of formaldehyde in the air. It requires little maintenance and it grows fast vertically, which makes it a good ornament to spacious offices. However, it’s a part-shade and part-sun plant so make sure to this English Ivy still gets a bit of sun exposure.

2. Jade Plant

The best indoor plant for your office desk, Jade plant has an amazing longevity that may as well surpass you in this lifetime. It is a flowering plant with symbolic meanings such as friendship, money, long-life, and good luck, based on feng-shui principles. What’s more, Jade plants can thrive under medium-light conditions and they need not be watered constantly.

Indoor Plant - Jade Plant

3. Peace Lily

Another flowering plant distinctly known for its seashell-like spathes. It is a low-light plant that can remove benzene, formaldehyde, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may originally come from cleaning products. However, do note that its poisonous leaves can harm your kids and your pets. It is advisable to place it only in an area that is off-limits to these potential victims.

4. Boston Fern

Popular among household owners, Boston fern has been proven effective in eliminating xylene, formaldehyde, and benzene pollutants circulating indoors. However, growing this type of plant species requires a bit of work like feeding them monthly during the rainy season and weekly during the dry season. Nevertheless, when done correctly, Boston ferns could help you purify the air you breathe significantly.

Being a natural air purifier, potted plants are definitely cheaper than air-conditioning units with air cleaning capability. And this is not a new concept in this day and age. Many people have just not given much attention to it until NASA and some scientific studies confirmed recently that plants can indeed filter out some toxins and pollutants in the air.