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27 Jun

Storage and Security Solution for Gardening Tools: Asgards

Why You Should Keep Your Garden Shed Secure

Many burglars scout out the property before they break in, and can tell just by looking at it whether it is worth the risk of breaking in. They check out whether you have been sloppy and left any belongings out for the taking, whether there is easy access. One of the things that they have been known to break into is the garden shed. While this is not something that you immediately equate with much value, but you may keep your precious bike in there, gardening tools, perhaps a lawn mower, all of which seems worth breaking in for if you are a thief.

Keep Your Garden in Good Repair  

By this, I mean keeping the fences and gateways up to scratch. Leaving them to rot or not repairing them when they are broken means that your property looks dishevelled and not looked after- more inviting to burglars. It also means that it is probably easier to get into. The same goes for the material that your shed is made from. If it is wooden, then check that all the boards are solid and secure.

Keeping your garden neat and tidy in general also helps to contribute to the general atmosphere of someone who is at home and takes regular care of their garden and could be out to tidy at any moment.

Reduce the Risk

If at all possible, you should keep all your valuable belongings in somewhere more secure that your shed. However, if this is not possible, then marking your valuables with a UV pen with your postcode will mean that if they do happen to be stolen, then they can be traced.

Secure Your Shed 

Asgards shed

If there is no other place than your shed to store your valuables in, then you need to make sure that your shed is as secure as possible. While installing a big lock on the door might seem like a good idea to you, it probably will not put a thief off when they can see your big mower through that tiny plastic window. Instead, make sure that they cannot see anything by using a metal shed. Metal sheds are infinitely more secure than a wooden one. The metal sheds from Asgards are built from galvanised steel, have reinforced joints and include a five point locking system, so you know you are in safe hands. Click here for Asgards high security metal sheds.