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20 Oct

Lovely Border Plants: Clarkia, the Satin Flower

Clarkia is a small genus of lovely annuals usually grown as border plants for showy flowers. Native to North America, the genus of Clarkia consists of quick growing plants that grow up to 1 to 2 meters in flower borders or large containers. These plants are easily grown from seeds and require a fertile and well-drained soil under bright sunlight.

Though most Clarkias are hardy annuals but they should be protected from long spells of drought and cold. Most plants of Clarkia are eager bloomer and produce abundance of shiny purple, pink, mauve or salmon flowers in summer. The beautiful flowers of Clarkia grow on tall spikes with single or double flowers that can be used as cut flower for floral arrangements.

Clarkia concinna

Clarkia concinna/ Image by James Gaither

Common name of Clarkia is Satin flower. Popular species include: Clarkia bottae, C. williamsonii, C. breweri, and Clarkia concinna.