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14 Apr

Lovely Perennial for Cold Climates: Bulbinella

Bulbinella is a genus of perennial rhizomatous plants from winter rainfall areas of South Africa and New Zealand. Naturally, these plants are able to withstand spells of frosty cold climate, that is why, they make good landscape plants for many cold climates.

Bulbinellas are known for their long spikes that bear densely packed flowers around them. These tiny and star-shaped flowers are usually white, orange or golden-yellow. Most species of Bulbinella produce flowers in later winter or early spring. These lovely perennials can be propagated from seeds or divisions.

Bulbinella Hookeri

Bulbinella Hookeri

Bulbinella are usually propagated as outdoor landscape perennials where they prefer somewhat dry conditions during dormancy followed by a prolific flowering season. Some of the popular species of Bulbinella include:

Bulbinella floribunda – Also known as Cat’s tail, this lovely perennial makes a good waterside plant. Flowers are golden-yellow.

Bulbinella eburniflora – Prefers sandy soil and produces white flowers in early spring. Flowers are ivory-white and have a hint of fragrance.

Bulbinella caudafelis – Mostly growing in rocky or sandy soils in South Africa, this lovely perennial produces white flowers from August to December.