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29 Dec

Beautiful Foliage Plant for Marshy Soil: Typha, the Bullrush

Typha is a small genus of flowering plants known for their beautiful foliage and unusual flowers. The genus consists of more than eleven species that grow in wetlands or marshy areas in almost all parts of the world.

Typhas make excellent accent plants for water gardens. These fast growing plants make large clumps of stem-less foliage and brown cylindrical inflorescence. The flowers are dried and used in floral arrangements to add dramatic effects.

Typha, the Bullrush plant

Typha, Bullrush/ Image by Gertrud K.

Most species of Typha contain high levels of nutrients such as protein and starch that is why it has been used as culinary item in Europe. Because of high level starch, some species of Typha can be used to produce ethanol as biofuel. Other traditional uses of Typha as recorded in history are preparation of paper, fiber and diuretic medicine.

Typha can be grown easily near ponds and pools. The plants can be grown from seeds or rhizomes under full to partial sun in wet soil. Popular species include Typha capensis, Typha latifolia and T. angustifolia.

Commin name of Typha is Bullrush.