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21 Nov

Long Flowering, Tropical Bush: Gaura, the Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush belongs to the genus of Gaura, which grows natively in most tropical parts of Mexico and the US. These hardy annuals and perennials grow fast and produce long lasting flowers. Ideal for garden borders or as ornamental houseplants, most species of Gaura are tough and accommodating plants. The most common of them is Gaura Lindheimeri or Butterfly Bush. The plant grows as tall, evergreen shrub and produces very delightful flowers of white color with a tinge of pale pink. These beautiful flowers grow on tall stems and stand out in any background.

Gaura, Butterfly Bush

Gaura, Butterfly Bush

The plant grows up to 1.2 meters and can be propagated easily from divisions. Like other species of Gaura, Butterfly Bush is a sun loving plant and blooms in summer. The plant flourishes in a well-drained soil and is able to withstand droughts in tropical or sub-tropical climates. When in full bloom, it attracts a lot of butterflies and justifies it common name very well.