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03 Aug

Lovely Flowering Trees and Shrubs of Cassia

Cassia is a large genus of flowering trees and shrubs from tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. These fast growing plants are second to none when they are in full bloom. Most species of Cassia would produce dense clusters of very attractive flowers. In fact, a Cassia in full bloom is a treat to watch. Being drought and frost tolerant, Cassias are excellent plants for gardens where they would grow fast into shrubs or mid-sized trees. Almost all species bloom and bear lovely flowers of yellow or pink colors.

How to Grow Cassia

Most species of Cassia are sun loving plants and require moderate watering in a well-drained soil. These lovely flowering plants propagate from seeds and quickly grow into young shrubs or trees.

Cassia, Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Cassia Flowers, Image from homestretching.blogspot.com

Popular Species of Cassia

Cassia Fistula (Golden Shower Tree): Locally known as Amaltas, this is one my favorite trees. Cassia Fistula grows into a mid-sized deciduous tree and bears profuse, bright flowers of yellow color.

Cassia Nodosa: Native to Himalayas and the Malay Peninsula, Cassia Nodosa or Pink Shower Tree grows into a large tree with dense leaflets. Flowers are yellow that turn into dark pink as they mature.

Cassia Corymbosa: Native to South America, this autumn bloomer grows as a woody shrub or small tree. Leaves are bright green and dense.

Cassia Didymobotyra: Commonly known as Peanut Butter Cassia (fragrance of its flowers is reminiscent of peanut butter), this beautiful plan grows as evergreen, semi-deciduous, flowering shrub in cold climates. Yellow flowers grow on long stalks in summer or autumn.

Cassia Nodosa, Pink Shower, Pink Cassia, Pink Lady

Cassia Nodosa, Image from oramsnurseries.com.au