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26 Oct

Aspidistra, the Cast Iron Plant for Indoor Garden

Aspidistra or Cast-iron Plant is one of the easiest and carefree houseplants to grow. It grows a bit slow but offers lovely evergreen foliage for indoor plantation. Native to Asia, Aspidistra has a large number of hybrid varieties offering variegated and multicolor foliage.

In a good soil mix with regular watering, Aspidistra would produce rich, leathery foliage. However, these plants are capable of surviving neglect and very tough conditions as well – thus earning the name: Cast-iron plant. The most popular species of this genus is Aspidistra Eliator which is grown as indoor container plant or as garden plant in dark-shady spots where very few plants would survive. Cast iron plant typically forms dense clumps of evergreen leathery leaves that grow as long as 750 mm long.

Aspidistra, The Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra, The Cast Iron Plant

Popular varieties of Cast iron plant include: Milky Way, Lennon’s Green, White Snowy Crown, Morning Frost and ‘Bubba‘ cast iron plant.