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02 Feb

Hardy and Lovely Shrub for Arid Gardens: Maireana sedifolia

Maireana is a genus of compact and attractive perennial shrubs from the family of popular ornamental shrubs like Iresine and Amaranthus. Among many popular shrubs from this genus, Maireana sedifolia is a widely grown shrub in Australia and other parts of the world. The plant is characterized by small succulent leaves that grow abundantly along upright branches.

Maireana sedifolia

Maireana sedifolia/ Image by Justin Taylor

The plant is commonly known as Pearl Bush or Cotton Bush because of its attractive succulent leaves. The beautiful foliage is also useful in cut flower arrangements. Maireana sedifolia is native to Western Australia and grows as a hardy and drought tolerant plant. The plant grows well in a well-drained soil and under bright sunlight; however it can be grown under partial shade too.

Maireana sedifolia is not fussy about soil requirements until it is well-drained. On average, the plant grows as a compact shrub (up to 3 feet) and can be pruned easily according to the requirements.