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06 Aug

Lovely Flowering Vine for Tropical Garden: Distictis buccinatoria

Distictis is a small genus of flowering vines from tropical regions of West Indies and the Americas. These evergreen and sun-loving vines grow rapidly and produce showy flowers in spring and summer. Their fresh green foliage and attractive flowers make them a good choice for tropical gardens. The plants in the genus of Distictis have vigorous roots systems and tendrils that help these vines climb up trellis, fences, trees and walls. That is why Distictis is a popular flowering vines among gardeners and horticulturists.

Distictis buccinatoria

Distictis buccinatoria, Image by Mark Pilbeam

How to Grow Distictis buccinatoria

Distictis buccinatoria is commonly described as Red Trumpet Vine because of its showy orange-red flowers that bloom in abundance during the months of summer and spring. Distictis buccinatoria can grow up to 30 feet. It is easy to train and prune this lovely flowering vine, that is why it is a good choice for growing in gardens, balconies, or patios to get a year round foliage and decent summer flowering. It benefits from regular watering, full to partial sun, and occasional fertilization with a general purpose fertilizer. Young plants require regular watering but they become drought tolerant and they mature. Distictis buccinatoria can be propagated from cuttings in a sandy to loamy soil.

Other popular species in this genus include Distictis laxiflora (Vanilla Trumpet Vine) and Distictis ‘Rivers’ , which is a pink flowering hybrid of  Distictis buccinatoria.