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06 Aug

Native Trees of Pakistan

This is sequel to my invitation to join the Billion Tree Campaign initiated by United Nations Environment Program. The purpose of this campaign is to invite communities, businesses, activists and people to plant and grow native trees and preserve biodiversity.

Native Trees of Pakistan

Image by Zillay Ali via flickr

Native trees are species that have colonized the landscape of a region  by natural processes and by going through a number of climatic changes that occurred over many thousand years. These native trees have adapted themselves to the local conditions and have become part of the ecosystem of the region. Unfortunately, most of the native trees are victims of deforestation and have been reduced to the verge of extinction. In order to make up the deficiency, we have been planting new trees but most of these trees do not belong to the ecosystem. They are invading trees that would gradually take place of most native trees and ultimately impact the whole ecosystem disturbing the wild life, insects, birds, crops and the soil.

The Billion Tree Campaign specifically targets at creating awareness of the importance of native trees and encourage people all over the world to protect and grow native trees in their localities.  In the coming weeks, I would feature popular native trees of Pakistan. Since these are native trees, you can can grow them easily almost everywhere in the country. The first tree in this series is Delonix Regia also known as Gul Mohr. Return to my blog soon for an interesting post on Gul Mohr.

Popular Native Trees of Pakistan

02 Aug

Plant a Tree, Today!

Besides an avid gardener, I am a social activist too. I volunteer for a non-government-organization, EcoWatch, working for the protection and preservation of natural environment. We are a small group of lawyers, engineers, students and other professionals. Our slogan is: Save Nature, Save Future.

Since 2009, we have been involved in The Billion Tree Campaign by United Nations Environment Program. The objective of this campaign is to encourage the planting of indigenous trees and trees that are suitable to local conditions. By the end of 2009, a total of 7.4 billion trees had been planted in 170 countries under this initiative. China, being the top contributor, planted 2.8 billion trees followed by India (2.1 billion trees) and Ethiopia (1.4 billion trees).

The Year 2010 has been declared as International Year of Biodiversity. Along with efforts to raise awareness and importance of biodiversity in our ecology, UNEP promises to strengthen its The Billion Tree Campaign further by involving people, communities, businesses, industry, civil society organizations and governments in efforts to increase the number of trees on earth.

Either you are a gardener, a student, an activist or a concerned citizen, take initiative – plant a tree and take care of it. You can enrol yourself in The Billion Tree Campaign and register your tree with UNEP to keep the counter rolling.

By planting trees, you would not only do your duty as an inhabitant of this planet but would also contribute to providing breathable air, drinkable water, fertile soils and a healthy climate to human beings… and of course, a healthy, nice tree in your home, lawn or office is a thing of beauty.