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26 May

Ravenala Madagascariensis, The Traveler’s Tree

Ravenala madagascariensis commonly known as Traveler’s Tree (Buy seeds online) is a unique, evergreen and ornamental tree. Being only member of its genus, Ravenala madagascariensis is closely related to the family of Bird of Paradise (Strelitziaceae). The tree grows as tall as 20 meters or more in its natural habitat and produces several clustered trunks. Each trunk bears a crown of long and broad leaves that resemble the leaves of banana tree. Ravenala madagascariensis produces small white flowers covered by bracts.

Ravenala Madagascariensis, Traveler Tree

Ravenala madagascariensis (Traveler Tree), Image from wikipedia

As the name describes, the original home of Traveler’s Tree is Madagascar. However, it is commercially grown in most warn and subtropical regions of the world as an ornamental tree. It is an excellent choice for landscapes and gardens because of its bright, evergreen foliage. The common name, Traveler’s Tree, is given because it stores rainwater in the leaf base for emergency drinking and also because of its leaves that grow in east-west line thus serving as a compass.

Ravenala madagascariensis is sometimes referred as Traveler’s Palm though it is not related to the Palm family.

How to Grow Traveler’s Tree

The best way to propagate Ravenala madagascariensis or Traveler’s Tree is from offsets, tubers or divisions. The tree is tender to frost and prefers bright sunlight, rich soil and regular watering.

24 May

Beautiful Landscape Tree, Pandanus

Pandanus is a large genus of about 600 trees and shrubs from Asia and Africa. Most plants in this species have broad and dense leaves. These deciduous plants produce male and female flowers on separate plants. Fruits resemble the fruit of pineapple plant. Pandanus are a good choice for planting outdoors for their handsome foliage. They also make spectacular container plants for ornamental purposes.

Pandanus Utilis, Landscape Tree

Pandanus Utilis, Landscape Tree

How to Grow Pandanus

Since most species of Pandanus grow alongside coastal belts, they require humidity and generous watering. Most species can be propagated from stem cuttings, offsets, tubers, or by layering.

Popular Varieties of Pandanus

Pandanus Utilis: Commonly known as Madagascar Screw Pine, Pandanus Utilis turns into a medium sized tree of about 20 meters. The trunk is stout and bears a canopy of twisted, fan-like leaves. Leaves are usually 2 meters or long. This is a perfect plant if you are looking for a striking landscape design. Grown for its leaves that are used for many purposes, Pandanus Utilis is evergreen tree and can be propagated easily from root balls, cuttings, or offsets.

Pandanus Utilis Fruit

Fruit of Pandanus Utilis