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06 Jan

Evergreen Shrub for Beautiful Fences and Hedges: Pyracantha

Pyracantha is a genus of evergreen shrubs from the family of rose. These thorny shrubs produce dense growth of branches and foliage making them a good choice for fencing. Species of Pyracantha are known for their lovely white flowers and ornamental berries that can be yellow, orange or red. White flowers that appear in late spring or early summer are followed by a rich growth of colorful berries that mature in autumn. At this stage, almost these beautiful plants get loaded with berries and present a spectacular show thus justifying their common name Fire ThornPyros (fire) Acanthos (thorn).

Pyracantha Flowers

Pyracantha Flowers, Image by Bambo(flickr)

Native to parts of Europe, China and south-east Asia, most species of Pyracantha grow easily in a dry and moderate climate. These plants require bright sunlight, moderate watering and a slightly rich and limy soil. Gardeners usually grow Pyracantha as a hedge for fencing purposes or train them against walls or trellis for their ornamental foliage and fruits that attract birds and bees to the garden. They are easy to propagate both from seeds and cuttings.

Popular species include Pyracantha Coccinea and P. Angustifolia though a number of cultivars are also grown as sold commercially as ornamental houseplants. Some of these include: Golden Charmer, Orange Glow, Santa Cruz, Firelight and America.

Pyracantha Berries

Pyracantha Berries, Image by Liz West (flickr)