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02 Aug

Evergreen, Ornamental Climber:Glow Vine

Saritaea Magnifica widely known as Glow Vine is an evergreen climber of South American origin. It is a perfect choice for evergreen foliage and ornamental flowers provided that you keep it properly trimmed or trained against a good support such as a pergola, or a hedge. As as ornamental plant, Glow Vine is propagated from layering or hardwood cuttings.

Glow Vine Flowers

Glow Vine, Image by Jayesh Patil

Leaves of Glow Vine is leathery and bright green that make this adorable when it is not in bloom. Funnel-shaped flowers are up t0 2.5 inches wide and are violet, purple, magenta or mauve in color. Flowers usually appear in spring and continue blooming till fall. Glow Vine requires bright sunlight and regular watering to flourish. Check out some beautiful pictures of Glow Vine to see the real ornamental value of this beautiful climber.