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06 Aug

Olinia ventosa, the Hard Pear Tree

Olinia ventosa or Hard Pear is a graceful tree with glossy green leaves and tiny white flowers. Native to South Africa, Olinia ventosa grows as a tall and evergreen forest tree. However, when grown in gardens it matures into a small tree.

Olinia ventosa

Olinia ventosa, the Hard Pear tree

Olinia ventosa is a good choice for landscapes and gardens for its decent foliage, fragrant flowers, and shady canopy. The tree is quite hardy and tolerates drought and neglect. Flowers, though insignificant, bloom profusely in spring and emit almonds-like fragrance. Clusters of tiny white flowers attract birds and butterflies that visit the tree for its fruit and nectar.

Besides its horticultural use, Olinia ventosa is a good source of quality timber which is used in manufacturing of fine furniture.

Olinia ventosa prefers regular soil mix but can survive poor soil conditions as well. Propagation can be done from seeds. Young plants grow slowly but once established, Olinia ventosa grows rapidly and forms vigorous roots and branch system.