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22 Oct

Evergreen Shrub with Turquoise Flowers: Tweedia caerulea

Tweedia caerulea is an interesting twinning perennial from South America. This evergreen subshrub grows up to 1 meter or more and produces delicate flowers of turquoise color. The beautiful flowers give the plant many names like Southern Star, Heavenborn, Little Blue Star, and Blue Flowered Milkweed.

Tweedia caerulea

Tweedia caerulea/ Image by douneika (flickr)

Tweedia caerulea prefers full to partial sun and regular watering in ordinary but well-drained soil mix. Although evergreen, it is best to prune back the plant in early spring. A mature plant of Tweedia caerulea usually has dense foliage characterized by soft and felted leaves. Easily grown from seeds, Tweedia caerulea is a good choice for gardens, wall-side borders and containers.