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11 Jan

Tropical Foliage Plants for Beginners: Hoffmannia

Hoffmannia is a genus of evergreen foliage plants from tropical climates of South and Central America. These medium and low growing plants are known for their lovely foliage which makes them a good choice for landscapes as well as container gardening.

Hoffmannia Refulgens

Hoffmannia Refulgens, Image by Frank Vincentz

Usually propagated form cuttings, most species of Hoffmannia root easily and establish themselves quickly when provided with suitable growing conditions – warm climate and slightly moist soil. Most species would grow in cold climates when growing in greenhouses. In their native, tropical climates Hoffmannia grow as a hardy plant which can be placed outdoors as well as indoors when bright sunlight and warm temperature are provided.

Most species of Hoffmannia produce large green leaves with a tinge of red or purple. Leaves are usually ribbed and veined with white or yellow lines. Flowers not conspicuous, however, the evergreen foliage and its shades make Hoffmannia is a good ornamental plant for beginner. Commercially known as Taffeta Plant, most popular species are: Hoffmannia Refulgens and H. Ghiesbreghtii.