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31 May

Achimenes, the Hot Water Plant

Achimenes is a genus of more than 25 perennials from tropical and sub-tropical climates of central and South America. They are, however, grown widely across Europe and other parts of the world where they can be grown as indoors as well as outdoor ornamental plants. Popular for their showy flowers, some species of Achimenes produce nice, plush foliage.

Achimenes erecta

Achimenes erecta, Image by Olaf (flickr)

Achimenes are frost tender plants (the name ‘Achimenes’ is said to have been derived from Greek word ‘cheimaino’ – which means to suffer from cold) that prefer partially shady spot and a lightly moist soil all the time. Belonging to the family of African Violets, Achimenes can be grown from rhizomes in containers, hanging baskets or flower beds with a regular but well-drained soil mix. Flowers of Achimenes are quite ornamental and vary in shades of Blue, peach, pink, red, orange, white, purple, and yellow. Flowers appear in summer through fall.

Popular species include: Achimenes admirabilis, A. antirrhina, A. candida, A. glabrata, and Achimenes grandiflora.

Achimenes is also described as Hot Water Plant, Magic Flower, or Cupid’s Bow.