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05 Feb

Ipomopsis: The Standing Cypress Plant

Ipomopsis is a genus of lovely perennials, biennials and a few annuals from the family of Phlox. Native to North America and Europe, these lovely bloomers are excellent plants for small gardens as well as landscapes because of their prolific and showy scarlet flowers. Most species produce erect branches up to 2 to 4 feel and bear showy flowers in summer. Flowers attracts several birds espeiclaly hummingbird that act as pollinators. For these characteristics, Ipomopsis plants are usually called Standing Cypress, Red Gilia, Scarlet Trumpet, Texas Plume or Hummingbird Plant.

Ipomopsis Rubra, Standing Cypress Plant

Ipomopsis Rubra, Standing Cypress Plant, Image by Steven Polunsky

Easily raised from seeds, Ipomopsis are good plants for beginners as they are quite low on maintenance and grow rapidly. Most species of Ipomopsis would grow under shade as well as under bright sunlight which is preferred. It is not fussy about soil and grows in most soil and conditions. However a balanced and well-drained soil is good for these lovely bloomers.

Ipomopsis go quite good as border plants and are often used for cut flowers. They also make good filler plants in gardens with limited space. Some species of Ipomopsis are known to have been used as medicinal plants for the cure of headache, diarrhea and infections.