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06 May

Lovely Flowering Plant for Tropical Gardens: Impatiens

Impatiens is a large genus of flowering annuals and perennials from tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. Known for their showy flowers, several species of Impatiens including many hybrids are grown both indoor and outdoor. These, usually low growing plants, grow easily and produce profuse flowers of white, pink, red, yellow purple and salmon colors. Perennial varieties grow easily from seeds whereas annuals varieties of Impatiens are usually grown from seeds.

Impatiens Walleriana, Busy Lizzie

Impatiens Walleriana, Image by Mauricio Mercadante

Impatiens offers a wide range of plants for shaded or semi-shaded spots in your garden where they would grow in a well-drained soil. These lovely bloomers usually have a long spell of flowering season before the frost season begins. Flowering is followed by formation of seed pods that explode immediately at the slightest human touch – as if they are impatient to explode. The ‘explosion’ results in distribution of seeds in all directions. For this these plants are commonly known as ‘Touch-Me-Not’.

Popular species of Impatiens include:

Impatiens balsamina: Bushy annual with white, yellow or red flowering in spring through summer.

I. wallerana: Produces white flowers almost all through the year. Grows well in as indoor flowering plant. Common name is Busy Lizzie.

I. aerocoma: Commonly found in tropical climates. Grows up to 1 meter and produces yellow flowers.