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19 Jan

Ornamental, Summer Flowering Shrub: Iochroma Cyaneum

Iochroma is a genus of flowering shrubs and small trees from the family of Brugmansia. Originating from tropical zones of South America, Ichroma make good landscape plants as well as indoor patio plants when protected from frost. These plants are known for their drooping, trumpet-shaped summer flowers that usually appear in many shades of yellow, red, purple, white, scarlet and blue.

Iochroma Cyaneum, The Blue Cestrum, Ornamental Shrub

Iochroma Cyaneum, Image by Leonora Enking

Most species of Iochroma grow vigorously and require regular pruning. They are easily trained as hedges or topiary shapes. The most common of all species is Iochroma Cyaneum or Blue Cestrum. It grows as a flowering shrub up to 3 meters and produces violet-blue flowers in summer. Flowers grow in clusters and attract bees and garden birds as pollinating agents.

Iochroma Cyaneum requires full to partial sun and regular watering (avoid overwatering). It is propagated from softwood cuttings.