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17 Nov

Hardy Flowering Plant for Garden Borders: Jerusalem Sage

Phlomis is a genus of hardy bushes and shrubs from the Mint family and is popular border plant for tropical, sub-tropical and the Mediterranean climates. The most popular species of this genus is Phlomis Fruticosa or Jerusalem Sage. It is a tough and quite hardy plant that can be grown in almost all climates except climates with long spells of freeze and frost.

Phlomis, the Jerusalem Sage, Flowering Bush

Jerusalem Sage, Image by Wulf Forrester (flickr)

Easily propagated from cuttings, Jerusalem Sage grows up to 1 meter and produces velvety leaves and yellow flowers. Flowers usually bloom in summer or late spring and grow as small, ornamental clusters. Young plants require fertile soil and regular watering however mature plants can grow in a well-drained and alkaline soil without requiring much water.

Though popular as border plant, Jerusalem Sage can be grown as container plant as well.