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14 Jan

Evergreen Shrub for Lovely Gardens: Carissa carandas

Carissa carandas is an evergreen shrub from the Indian subcontinent where it grows widely in Pakistan, India and other tropical and sub-tropical plains of the region. The plant has been grown in the entire region for a long time for its fruits which has many medicinal and culinary uses. Besides its fruits, Carissa carandas also serves as an excellent shrub for the purposes of landscaping and hedging the land.

Carissa carandas

Carissa carandas/ Image by Phuong Tran

Carissa carandas grows as an evergreen shrub with fresh green and glossy leaves and sharp thorns. The branches are usually sturdy and flexible. The plant produces small white flowers that have a hint of fragrance. Flowering is followed by berry-like fruits. The fruit of Carissa carandas is usually collected and consumed unripe. If left to ripe on branches, the fruit turn from light green to pink or red color. It is rich in iron and vitamin C and is often used in preparation of pickles.

Carissa carandas grows vigorously under full sun and does not require much care. It can grow in almost any soil and is capable of surviving spells of drought.

Carissa carandas can be used as a nice ornamental shrub not only for its foliage and flowers but also for its berry-like fruit that grow in small bunches and add to the beauty of the plant. Carissa carandas can be propagated from cuttings and can be pruned easily to keep the shrub in good shape.

Flowers of Carissa carandas

Flowers of Carissa carandas/ Image by Dinesh Valke

When grown in the ground, Carissa carandas makes an excellent shrub for creating an evergreen display of fresh foliage or as a hardy shrub to serve as hedge or privacy screen in gardens.