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25 Oct

Lovely, Tropical Shrub for Landscapes: Lollipop Plant

Pachystachys is a genus of evergreen shrubs from tropical parts of South America, West Indies and parts of Africa and the US. These prolific bloomers produce attractive bracts and flowers almost throughout warm months and make decent accent plants in gardens as well as good indoor plants.

From about 12 species in the genus, Pachystachys Lutea is perhaps the most popular and widely grown for its intense yellow blooms. Usually known as Lollipop Plant or Golden Shrimp plant, Pachystachys Lutea spreads quite easily and fills empty landscapes very well. The plant grows up to 1.5 meters and bears dark green leaves and golden yellow bracts around white flowers. It is a good choice for borders as well as indoor containers grown under full to partial sunlight. Lollipop Plant usually starts blooming in spring and continues to bloom through summer and fall. To keep these shrubby plants in shape, it is recommended to prune them back once flowering season has ended.

Pachystachys Lutea, Lollipop Plant

Lollipop Plant, Image by Roland & Sonja

How to grow Lollipop Plant

Pachystachys Lutea is not fussy about soil and water. It grows quite well is regular soil mix and requires regular watering. It propagates easily from cuttings as well as seeds. When grown indoors, place Lollipop Plant near a well-lit window where it receives normal humidity and temperature between 18 and 27 ◦C.  Increase watering if leaves fall.