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03 Dec

Evergreen, Ornamental Shrubs for Your Lovely Garden: Mahonia

Mahonia is a genus of attractive, evergreen shrubs with fragrant winter flowers. Popular as ground covers, border plants or hedges, most species of Mahonia do very well as ornamental plants in ground or as pot plants. These evergreen shrubs are originally native to Asia, and Central and North America but are popular houseplants all over the world especially in Europe where it is grown for its winter/autumn flowers and showy fruits.

Flowers of Mahonia usually appear on long stalks and last for a long time. Most species would produce berry-like flowers after flowering period.

Ornamental, Flowering Shrub: Mahonia

Scented Yellow Flowers of Mahonia, Image by Shihmei Barger (flickr)

How to Grow Mahonia

Mahonia are frost hardy and do not have any special requirements of soil and water. However, these ornamental shrubs would grow in to perfect ornamental plants when grown with a little care. They are not fussy about growing conditions – just provide moderate water, a sunny spot and a well-drained soil in tropical or sub-tropical climate. These beautiful shrubs can be divided easily by softwood cuttings.

Popular species include:

M. lomariifolia: Evergreen, winter flowering shrub; grows up to 2 meters and produces deep yellow flowers followed by black berries.

M. japonica: Tall and wide spreading shrub with scented, lemon flowers. It is quite hardy plant and produced abundance of flowers.

M. aquifolium: Usually known as Oregon Grape; this lovely plant makes a good ground cover and produces flowers usually in spring. Good choice for landscpaes or rock gardens.