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12 Sep

Tropical Flowering Shrub for Gardens: Melastoma Sanguineum

Melastoma Sanguineum belongs to the family of about 50 evergreen shrubs and small trees. Native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of south east Asia, these lovely plants bear evergreen foliage and delightful flowers of pink, purple of white flowers. Flowers attract butterflies, bees and garden birds. Flowering is followed by fruition in the form of small and fleshy blackish-purple berries. These berries are favorite food of birds.

Melastoma Affine, Evergreen flowering shrub

Melastoma Affine, Image by Arthur Chapman

Melastoma Sanguineum grows under partial sunlight and can attain almost 6 meters in height. Leaves are fresh green and prominent, flowers (usually pink or purple) are 50 to 80mm across. This flowering shrub requires frequent watering and humid conditions to flourish. The best place for Melastoma Sanguineum in a garden is under shade where these plants are protected from direct sun and frost.

Melastoma Sanguineum is easy to grow in a well-drained soil. Mature plants should be pruned after flowering season. Since these plants are self-seeding, it is advised that you deadhead them to prevent them from becoming invasive.