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06 Dec

Colorful, Tropical Garden Shrub: The Mickey Mouse Plant

Mickey Mouse plant is common name of Ochna Serrulata because of its beautiful shiny black and berry-like fruits. Ochna Serrulata produces narrow, elliptic leaves of glossy green texture enriched with new leaf growth of bright red color making it a nice ornamental plant. Mickey Mouse plant grows as shrublet sometimes growing into a small tree and performs very well as flowering hedge.

Ochna Serrulata, The Mickey Mouse Plant

Ochna Serrulata, The Mickey Mouse Plant

Ochna Serrulata like most of species of its genus produces bright yellow flowers in spring followed by fruition. Most of the species are deciduous plants and prefer sunny spot where they are protected from heavy frost. Though not fussy about soil, Mickey Mouse plant produces rich foliage and blooms when fed properly in a sunny or semi-shaded spot.

Fruit of Mickey Mouse plant is known to be used for medicinal purposes by Zulu people.

Another popular species is Ochna Pulchra which is known for its yellow, fragrant flowers and lovely growth of new foliage that changes colors from pink, red and green.