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18 Feb

Zaluzianskya capenis: the Night Blooming Phlox

Zaluzianskya is a small genus of flowering annuals and perennials grown for their lovely flowers. Native to South Africa, most plants in the genus of Zaluzianskya are drought-tolerant and low growing plants that can be grown in containers or in the ground.

Among many popular species, Zaluzianskya capensis is grown widely for its lovely and fragrant flowers. In fact, the plant is known for intoxicating and potent fragrance that its flowers emit. Flowers of Zaluzianskya capensis start blooming early in the day and the fragrance becomes stronger and stronger with the passage of time. As the night approaches, the small white flowers emit a potent and somewhat addicting fragrance that reminds of vanilla or almonds. That is why the plant is commonly described as Midnight candy or Night Blooming Phlox.

Zaluzianskya capensis

Zaluzianskya capensis/ Image via flickr

Zaluzianskya capensis is quite easy to grow from seeds that germinate easily when sown in early spring. Young plants require average watering and partial sun. Mature plants can be grown under shade or full sun. However, it should be protected from frost and long spells of cold.

Generally Zaluzianskya capensis benefits from a rich soil that is moist during the summer but well-drained in winter.