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18 Feb

Garden Dispatch # 5

The Garden Dispatch is a weekly compilation of useful and interesting resources for gardeners and landscape designers.

How to pick the healthiest plants at a nursery

Plants sale

Image by Susie Nishio

The best tip that I can give to someone who is purchasing plants at a nursery is: ‘Look beyond the obvious’. Plenty of flowers or shiny foliage does not necessarily mean that the plant is healthy and free from pests and diseases. There are many other factors that determine the health and quality of a plant – formation, color and texture of foliage, root system, time of the year, age of the plant etc. Dr. Holly Scoggins, associate professor of horticulture, shares a couple of useful tip for finding the best plants at a nursery.

Designing landscape? Do not make these mistakes (again)!

So you are planning to design or remodel your landscape design. There are plenty of beautiful landscape design inspirations but every landscape is unqiue. What works in my landscape layout may not work for you. You have to balance all the elements (size, colors, form, climate, personal preferences, maintenance requirements etc.) of landscape design to make a harmonized effect. But there are some fundamental principals that apply to every landscape design project and you should not breach those principles. Here is a list of 11 common mistakes landscape designers make. Make sure you do not.

Plant of the Week: Monarda fistulosa

Monarda fistulosa

Monarda fistulosa / Image by Joshua Mayer

Commonly known as Wild Bergamot, Monarda fistulosa is a drought-tolerant perennial that grows well in landscapes and rock gardens. The plant is known for its aromatic leaves and attractive flowers. Monarda fistulosa can grow up to 4 feet and tends to form clumps of erect branches. Flowers of white or lavender shades appear in summer and continue to bloom through the season.

Monarda fistulosa grows in dry or slightly moist soil under full to partial sun.

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