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25 Apr

Crape Jasmine, Flowering Bush

Normally known as Moonbeam, Chandani (in Urdu) and Crape Jasmine, Tabemaemontanus Coronaria is an excellent evergreen and ornamental bush for lawns and gardens. Abundance of dazzling white flowers justifies the name Moonbeam – just watch the beauty of its small white flowers under moonlight.

Crape Jasmine, Tabemaemontanus Coronaria

Image © Tony Rodd


Tabemaemontanus produces glossy leaves of dark green color and gains a height of 1.8 meters or so. The ash grey trunk is woody and grows short twigs. Like most species of Tabemaemontanus, Moonbeam can be pruned to grow in limited space as ornamental bush. The plant exudes milky sap which is used in preparation of psychedelics. The juice from the leaves is used to cure ophthalmia.

Flowers of Tabemaemontanus Coronaria

Wild plants would bear scattered white flowers; however, some hybrid species of Tabemaemontanus Coronaria bear double, fragrant flowers of pale-yellow color. These charming blooms can be used as cut flowers that last long and make excellent decoration.

Moonbeam, White Flower

Image © Windydear on Flickr

How to Grow Moonbeam/Crape Jasmine

The origin of this ornamental bush is not known but it grows wildly in most parts of Indian sub-continent. Tabemaemontanus Coronaria does not require much care. It grows well at sunny locations in tropical and sub-tropical climates (plants in bright sunlight produces more blooms) where it receives moderate water throughout the year. Tabemaemontanus can be grown from layers or cuttings.

Tabemaemontanus was named by a 16th century botanist. Tabemaemontanus literally means ‘used for garlands.’