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08 Nov

Fragrant, Small Tree for Gardens: Widdringtonia Nodiflora

Widdringtonia is a small genus of coniferous trees usually described as African Cypress. Though not seen commonly in gardens, these evergreen trees make an excellent specimen plants in gardens and landscapes. Most species have fragrant wood which is usually used in preparing furniture and wooden panels because the timber is easy to work on resists decay.

Widdringtonia Nodiflora, Mountain Cypress

Widdringtonia Nodiflora, Mountain Cypress

Widdringtonia is found natively in mountain regions of South Africa only however it grows quite easily in tropical and sub-tropical climates as small trees or large shrubs. The genus of best represented by Widdringtonia Nodiflora or Mountain Cypress which grows as a medium sized tree of 12 to 15 feet and produces male and female cones on the same plant. Grown as evergreen specimen plant, it grows under full to partial sun and survives frosty and windy weather easily.

Widdringtonia Nodiflora also makes a nice subject of bonsai.

Image via PhytoImages