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11 Jun

Fragrant, Winter Flowering Shrub for Beginners: Iboza Riperia

Iboza is a very versatile but usually unappreciated winter flowering shrub. It is easy to grow, blooms in late winter when very few plants flower, has aromatic leaves, and grows in almost any soil. The only cultivated species is Iboza Riparia that grows natively in South Africa. The name Iboza comes from the Zulu people of Africa who revere this plant very highly and use it for many medicinal purposes.

Flowers of Iboza are borne on bare branches in late winter when the plant has shed most of it leaves. Flowers are usually white, pink or mauve. Leaves are dense and bright green in color. Iboza is also known as Ginger Bush.

Iboza Riparia, Fragrant and Winter Flowering Shrub

Iboza Riparia, Fragrant and Winter Flowering Shrub

How to Grow Iboza Riparia/ Ginger Bush

Iboza is fairly fast growing and takes up empty spaces quickly. It prefers well drained soil, bright sunlight, regular watering in summer and barely necessary watering in winter. If you are grown Iboza is hot regions, provide it a partially shaded spot. Propagation is very easy from cuttings. Being a fast growing shrub, Iboza should be pruned after each flowering season. Iboza can be grown as pot plant or as ornamental shrub in gardens.

Other names of Iboza are Musk Bush, Misty Plume Bush and Vleisalie/Watersalie.