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27 Apr

What’s Blooming Today?

April is about to end and temperature is going to rise as high as 109° F in the coming weeks. Almost all of my cacti and succulents are now under the shade (up to 60% filtered sunlight) on my roof top succulent garden. Haworthias will continue to blooms for some time. Cacti especially Astrophytums have already started blooming profusely. Today’s bloomers are:

Astrophytum Senile is bearing a large yellow flower with silky sheen.

Astrophytum Senile Flower

Astrophytum Senile

Astrophytum Capricorne with a yellow flower.

Astrophytum Capricorne Yellow Flower

Astrophytum Capricorne

Notocactus Mammulosus with a nice yellow-pink flower. This plant has been flowering vigorously for many years.

Notocactus Mammulosus Flower

Notocactus Mammulosus

Gymnocalycium Pflanzii bearing pinkish cream flower.

Gymnocalycium Pflanzii

Gymnocalycium Pflanzii

Last of all, this Cycas Revoluta is sprouting new leaves. This plant is more than 35 years old and was grown from seed.

Cycas Revoluta Leaves

Cycas Revoluta