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06 Nov

Flowering Vine for Warm Climates: Pandorea ‘Bower Vine’

Pandorea is a small genus of climbers and woody vines. These sun loving vines grow quite vigorously and serve as nice plants grown against trellis and pergolas or when grown against walls or garden screens. The most common species which is commercially sold as Bower Plant is Pandorea Jaminoides. It is a fast growing twining plant that produces showy and colorful flowers almost all through the year in warmer climates. Originally native to Australia and Malaysia, Pandorea prefers warm climate and moist conditions. It grows as high as 4 meters and produces dark green foliage. Flowers are white or pink with a dark carmine throat.

Pandorea Jasminoides, Bower Vine

Pandorea Jasminoides, ‘Bower Vine’, Image by douneika (flickr)

Bower plant can also be grown in hanging baskets or as trailing plant in balcony gardens. Provide this quick growing climber with adequate water and grow I full to partial sun.