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24 Jan

Tropical, Flowering Shrub: Holmskioldia, The Chinese Hat Plant

Holmskioldia is a genus of flowering shrubs that are known for their colorful flowers and for the ability to grow easily. Native to tropical climates of Asia and Africa, Holmskioldia are a decent addition to gardens and landscapes where they grow as shrubs or small trees. The genus offers both evergreen and deciduous species – almost all of them produce colorful flowers from fall to spring. Flowers are red, orange or yellow. In some species dropping flowers have colors contrasting to the calyces adding dramatic colors to the garden. Flowers are shaped like a tiny hat, that is why, these plants are also known as Chinese Hat Plant or Parasol Flowers. These small and colorful flowers are often visited by bees and garden birds.

Holmskioldia Sanguinea, Chinese Hat Plant

Holmskioldia Sanguinea, Image by Douglas Sprott

Holmskioldia are not demanding plants and grow easily is almost any soil. Propagated from cuttings or layering, most species of Holmskioldia require bright sunlight and average watering.

Holmskioldia are good candidates for espalier projects because of their long, trailing branches that can be easily trained or trimmed.

Popular species of Holmskioldia include:

Holmskioldia Sanguinea – spring and summer blooming shrub (up to 3 meters) with red and orange calyces.

Holmskioldia Tettensis – summer blooming shrub (up to 2 meters) with blue and mauve calyces.