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30 Dec

Lovely Tree for Tropical Gardens: Peltophorum Africanum

Peltophorum is a small genus of quick-growing trees from the family of Fabaceae (the family of Wisteria and Cassia, Robinia and other amazing bloomers). Like other plants from this family, Peltophorum is known for its ornamental flowers that are produced abundantly in drooping racemes of golden-yellow color.

Native to tropical climates of Africa, Peltophorum are grown in many parts of the world as ornamental shade trees. Most popular of all species is Peltophorum Africanum which is commercially known as Weeping Wattle. It is a quick-growing that grows as high as 10 meters and produces a dense crown of mimosa-like leaves.

Peltophorum Africanum

Peltophorum Africanum Image by Tatiatna Gerus

Crinkled flowers of golden-yellow color appear in summer and last long. Like other trees of the family, Peltophorum loves sunny conditions, well-drained soil and moderate watering. Propagation is done from seeds.

The leaves of Peltophorum Africanum are used as fodder whereas timber is used for manufacturing of furniture. The roots and bark are also used in traditional medicine in Africa.