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21 Jul

Pisonia umbellifera, the Bird Catcher Tree

Pisonia is a genus of shrubs and small trees suitable for gardens as a specimen plant. The plant is grown for its foliage though is known for its sticky fruits that often trap insects and small birds – this giving it its common name – Bird Cather Tree.

Pisonia umbellifera Variegata

Pisonia umbellifera 'Variegata', Image by Joel Abroad

Pisonia is majorly represented by variegated variety of Pisonia umbellifera. It grows as a small tree (up to 4 meters) and produces fresh green leaves with blotches of cream color. The beautiful foliage of Pisonia umbellifera ‘Variegata’ makes it a nice ornamental plant for gardens. The plant is evergreen and produces clusters of yellow flowers in early summer.

Pisonia umbellifera ‘Variegata’ is sensitive to cold and frost, thus grown as greenhouse plant in colder climates. In its native climate of Indo-Pacific region it grows as evergreen plant which is propagated from stems cutiings. Pisonia umbellifera ‘Variegata’ requires partial shade and moderate water.