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11 Nov

How to Create a Garden Pond: The Ultimate Guide

Creating a garden pond can be a complex task; it can be difficult to manage every detail without forgetting a step. We are here to help. You always want to be sure to do your research and plan the location of your pond before you jump in to installing it and planting. We’ve created a guide to planning and putting in your perfect garden pond, from what type of pond to choose to how to best plan out your foliage. Let’s dive in!

Garden Pond Guide

Decide on the size of your garden pond

This step should be done first and foremost. The decision should be made based on three things: your budget, your land, and what you want. If you’re wanting a giant koi pond, but barely have room for a garden pond, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Be realistic in your planning stages because otherwise, your dream garden will remain a dream. Small ponds give you more options for where you can put them, are usually cheaper, and are easier to maintain. Larger ponds can add to your property value, are larger and have to be planned for accordingly, and are a little further on the pricier side. Don’t forget to consider the cost and size of your pond liner: http://www.swelluk.com/pond/pond-liners-54/ – this is of great importance.

Visualize how you want the end project to look

This will help you stay within the lines of what you envisioned, as well as help you plan your budget accordingly. If you’re wanting to surround the pond with stones, lots of plants, and statues and fill it with fish, your budget is going to need to be pretty high. What kind of pond were you thinking, the liners or the plastic molds? The plastic molds are a little more expensive but they save you tremendously in maintenance and hassle with installment, plus it has a longer life.

Make a detailed budget and stick to it

This can be the most challenging part as surprise expenses happen, but it’s important to adhere as closely to your budget as possible, so it doesn’t kill you when those surprise expenses do happen. Shop around and research before you purchase your pond, plants, and whatever else you want to go around it; make sure you’re getting the best price. You might like these tips, provided by The Guardian.

Plan out the perfect place for your pond to go

Don’t just trust that the land will be fine in the area you pictured for your pond; do your research before trying to install it. You should place your pond in an area with level land that has ample exposure to sunlight for your plants. You don’t want your pond to be placed near any overhanging trees, if possible; the leaves litter your pond and it’ll save you a tremendous hassle in cleaning out the pond every day in the fall.

Garden Pond Design

Getting your perfect garden pond can be a challenge, but if you plan ahead, shop wisely, and stick to your vision, it can be possible. Whether you picture a small garden pond surrounded by stones and plants or larger pond with a bench swing in the background and statues for added elegance, you can make it happen with our ultimate guide. Be sure to do your research before jumping in and always plan ahead. We hope your garden pond is everything you envisioned it to be.

For your inspiration, here are a few examples of beautiful garden ponds.

@ large ponds one for fish and one is a watergarden traditional-landscape
Lot 82 tropical-landscape
Traditional Landscape traditional-landscape
Barnes contemporary-landscape
Maher Residence Back modern-patio
Chevy Chase contemporary-landscape
Dalkeith garden contemporary-landscape