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20 Aug

Ornamental Foliage Plant for Indoor Gardens: Maranta Leuconeura

Growing Maranta could be a little challenging but the beauty of these beautiful foliage plants is worth the effort. Known for their colorful foliage, Maranta are perennial plants that are usually grown indoors as ornamental houseplants. Most species are evergreen low growing plants with large oval leaves and small flowers. If you are looking for decent indoor plants for containers, do consider Maranta.

Maranta Leuconeura

Maranta Leuconeura, Image by Drew Avery

How to Grow Maranta

The most commonly grown species is Maranta Leuconeura that produces clumps of large oval leaves with green, brown or silver markings. Being native to tropical climate, Maranta Leuconeura requires moist and warm climate to grow. In colder climates, it can be provided grown indoors at a warmer spot. Maranta Leuconeura  requires filtered sunlight, and damp but well-drained soil with regular feeding.

Large oval leaves of Maranta Leuconeura tend to fold together at night, that is why, it is commonly known as Prayer Plant.