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22 Dec

Leuchtenbergia principis, the Cactus Agave

Leuchtenbergia principis is one of the most unusual forms of cactus. Though it closely resembles an Agave but the plant actually belongs to the family of cactus, thus justifying its common name, Cactus Agave.  It does not have usual spines or typical globular or cylindrical formation of a cactus. It is characterized by its long and triangular tubercles that actually look like leaves of the plant. The tubercles of Leuchtenbergia principis grow on a corky stem. Each tubercle is 4 to 5 cm long and produces papery spines at the tip.

Leuchtenbergia principis

Leuchtenbergia principis/ Imahe by Manuel M. Ramos

Leuchtenbergia principis produces showy yellow flower in spring and summer. However, flowering is not really frequent.

Leuchtenbergia principis is significantly slow growing plant and grows up to 10 cm in wild. The plant has a strong tap root that requires deep soil. Like other species of cacti, Leuchtenbergia principis is not fussy about requirements. It requires occasional watering and fertilizer. The plant prefers hot and sunny location but protection from winter frost.

Leuchtenbergia principis can be easily propagated from seeds that can be collected from its fruit. Young seedlings can be grafted for quicker and healthy growth of plants.