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27 Nov

Ornamental Shrub with Fragrant Flowers: Elaeagnus pungens

Elaeagnus is a genus of ornamental shrubs, small trees and flowering plants from subtropical and temperate regions of Europe and Asia. Majority of the species are very adaptable plants that can be grown outdoors in almost every garden. Generally, the genus of Elaeagnus comprises of sun-loving plants that prefer fertile soil and regular watering. However, they can withstand long spells of drought too.

The genus of Elaeagnus is better known for its fragrant flowers of silvery white color. Flowering is followed by formation of red berries that add to the beauty of these ornamental plants. Most species of Elaeagnus are used as specimen pot plants, as flowering shrubs or in hedges. Some of the popularly grown species include: Elaeagnus commutata (American silverberry), Elaeagnus multiflora (cherry silverberry or goumi) and Elaeagnus pungens.

Elaeagnus pungens

Elaeagnus pungens

Elaeagnus pungens has various popular varieties characterizing variegated and colorful foliage. Commonly known as ‘Silverthron’, Elaeagnus pungens grows as a spiny shrub. It is a fast growing and evergreen shrub that produces dense foliage, white flowers and reddish-brown berries. The fragrance of white flowers is reminiscent of Gardenia. It is an adaptable plant that tolerates varied climatic conditions.

Elaeagnus pungens is easily propagated from cuttings.