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07 May

Colorful Climber: Parthenocissus

Parthenocissus is a beautiful creeper usually grown for its attractive autumn coloring leaves. The name comes from two Greek words: partheno (virgin) and kissos (ivy) – thus, Virgin Ivy.

Parthenocissus grows natively in temperate zones of Asia and North America and belongs to the grape family, Vitaceae. There are about 15 known species of this deciduous creeping plant. Parthenocissus can be used to cover sun-facing walls or as ground cover among shrubs. It can be grown from seeds as well as cuttings. It can withstand frost and needs bright sunlight with average watering.

Parthenocissus Ornamental Clilmber and Creeper

Popular Species:

Parthenocissus Quinquefolia (also known as Virgina Creeper and American Ivy): This high climbing creeper displays dense growth of leaves that turn red in autumn. Ideal as ornamental plant in landscapes and against walls.

Parthenocissus Tricuspidata (also known as Boston Ivy or Japanese Ivy): This ornamental climber bears purple fruits and dense growth of leaves that turn purple and red in autumn.