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09 Dec

Quick Growing, Tropical Ground Cover: Rhoeo Spathacea

Rhoeo Spathacea is a fast growing and evergreen perennial usually grows as ground cover or border plant. Native to West Indies, Mexico and parts of central America, this tender perennial produces clumps of long bicolor leaves – green leaves with purple side underneath.

Rhoeo Spathacea which is commercially sold as Boat Lily or Moses in the Cradle is quite fast growing plant in warm and humid climates. It can also survive long spells of drought which makes it a good choice for landscapes, xeriscape projects and ornamental perennial for places where most plants would not grow easily. Rhoeo Spathacea only requires a regular but well-drained soil mix, a sunny or partially shaded spot, a moderate watering. It is does quite well as ornamental houseplant especially for beginners.

Rhoeo Spathacea, Ground Cover Plant

Rhoeo Spathacea, Image by Tony Rodd

Rhoeo Spathacea is not a demanding plant and grows well with other plants, that is why, it can be grown with a number of other plants in garden beds, mix borders, landscaping schemes, rock gardens or just as ornamental ground cover. It can also be grow in hanging baskets to add delightful colors in patios or window and balcony gardens.

Rhoeo Spathacea produces small white flowers almost all through the year. Flowers are, however, not very significant. Propagation is easy from cuttings taken in spring or fall.