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18 Jul

Fast Growing Flowering Plant:Lavatera

Native to Asia, Australia and Mediterranean regions, Lavatera is grown for showy, cup-shaped flowers of pink purple and white colors. The flowers of these annual and perennials are stripped with darker shades.  Most species of Lavatera are fast growing flowering plants that tend to become bushy and require annual pruning before spring.

Lavatera are nice flowering plants that offer excellent floral display in beds or along pathways and borders.

How to Grow Lavatera

Lavatera grows in rocky and poor soil in wild where it thrives on natural rainfall. Thus, these flowering plants can withstand drought. Most species are frost tender. Lavatera is easy to grow from seeds and requires a well drained soil under full to partial sun. Flowering season usually starts in early summer and lasts till mid of autumn.

Lavatera Trimestris

Lavatera Trimestris, Photo by Maja Dumat - flickr.com

Popular Varieties of Lavatera

Lavatera Trimestris, also known as Mallow, is a summer blooming species. It grows vigorously and can be as tall as 1 meter. Flowers are usually pink or white in color. Commercially grown varieties of Lavatera Trimestris include ‘Alba’, ‘Sunset’ and ‘Loveliness’.

Other popular species include Lavatera Arborea and Lavatera Thuringiaca.